World Health Day

World Health Day

World Health Day : 07 April ( All important details you need to know )

” Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth faithfulness to the best relationship “

World Health Day

Marking the importance of health world health day is celebrated every year to promote a healthy nation in accordance to healthy and safe planet free from all pandemic.

Every year it is celebrated with great enthusiasm with a theme. The theme for 2021 is ” Building a Fairer Healthier World “.

  • According to WHO, health is central to human happiness and well being.
  • Health is relationship between you and your body, to keep relationship healthy you must live in a balanced state.
  • The first world health assembly is held in 1948, since 1950 world Health day has been celebrated on 7th of April of each year.
  • This day amis to raise global awareness of a specific health theme and also in order to highlight an area of importance for the WHO.

Important themes :

  • 2020 : Support Nurses and Midwives
  • 2019 : Universal Health Coverage : Everyone, Everywhere
  • 2018 : Universal Health Coverage : Everyone, Everywhere
  • 2017 : Depression : Let’s talk

History of world health day :

  • In December 1945 ,officials of Brazil and China proposed the creation of an international health organization , that is all encompassing and absolutely independent from any government powers.
  • Half a year later, in New York, in July 1946 ,the Constitution of the World Health Organization was approved. Said Constitution entered into the force on April 07 ,1948 ,as 61 countries signed agreement for the inception of the NGO.
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