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World Economic Forum Report 2021 : Extra 36 years to close gender gap

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Recently, a new report published on 31 March, 2021 by World Economic Forum ( WEF) estimating that attaining global gender parity will take nearly 136 years.

Key highlights of report :
  • As the impact of Covid – 19, the global gender gap has increased by the generation from 99.5 years to 13.6 years.
  • India has slipped 28 places to rank 140th among 156 countries in the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2021, becoming third world performer in the region of gender equality.
  • In South Asia, Only Pakistan and Afghanistan ranked below India.
  • In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the income of an average women is below 16 % of that an average man, while in India it is 20.7 %.
  • For the 12 time, Ice land is the most gender equal country in the world.
  • The top 10 gender equal countries include : Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Rawanda, Sweden, Ireland and Switzerland.

This is up from it’s previous estimate of almost 100 years due to the impact of the Covid -19 pandemic.

A range of studies have shown that Covid – 19 pandemic had a disproportionate impact on women, who have lost jobs at higher rate than men.

World Economic Forum

WEF measures parity in four ways

  • Economic Participation and opportunity
  • Education
  • Health
  • Political empowerment

The group estimated that the Economic Gender gap will take another 268 years to close.

The data does not fully reflect the impact from the pandemic, which could make it worse.

Important takeaways of WEF :

  • Formation : January 1971
  • Headquarters : Cologny, Switzerland
  • Founder : Klaus
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