World development report 2021

World development report 2021

World development report 2021 by world bank’s : “Data for Better Lives” has been released

World development report 2021
Two minute reads :
  • The world bank realises world development report 2021. ” Data for Better Lives”.
  • It calls for strengthened national data systems to tackle poverty and transform the lives of the world’s poor people.
  • The report examines how data can better advance development objectives, and analyzes the types of governance arrangements necessary to support data generation.
  • The repots are the Bank’s best known contribution to thinking about development.
World development report 2021

Development report listed 5 main recommendations :

  • Data to release it’s potential to transform lives, key to help in improving transparency and contribute towards life.
  • Increase data usage to improve literacy data and expand excess for all.
  • Equitable excess, as maginalized people need a better representation across data systems.
  • Protect people from data misuse.
  • Work towards an integrated national data system.

About world development report :

  • World development report is an annual report published since 1978 by the International bank for Reconstruction and Development sice 1978.
  • It includes GDP, national income and per capita income.
  • This report provides us the quantitative aspect of development.
World development report 2021

Important takeaways of world bank :

  • Formation : 1944 , July
  • Headquarters : Washington, D. C, United States
  • President : David Mallass
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