WHO report

WHO report

WHo report / WHO releases report on origins of COVID – 19

WHO report
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A report on the origins of COVID 19 is to be released by the World Health Organization on 30 March 2021.

The report covers the cause of pandemic as well as cause of animal to human transmission of virus.

The WHO report listed four possible scenarios of Covid 19 transmission in to humans.

  • The transmission of the virus from the bats to humans through another animals is the most likely scenario.
  • The report listed a possibility of the virus’s leakage from the laboratory under the ” extremely unlikely ” category.
  • The draft report does not determine whether the outbreak started at Wuhan seafood market, which had one of the earlier clusters of cases in December 2019.
  • The report is being closely watched by scientists around the world as the finding can help them prevent future pandemics.
WHO report

China had been criticised globally for its alleged role in spreading the virus.

The secretary of the state US Anthony Blinken had said that China must be transparent about the Corona Virus outbreak and must be accountable.

About WHO

  • World Health Organization is a specialised agency of the United Nations for international public health.
  • Formation : 7 April 1948
  • Headquarters : Jeneva
WHO report
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Reference : https://www.indiatoday.in/world/story/china-outlines-coronavirus-origin-findings-ahead-of-who-report-1784169-2021-03-27

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