Book by Priyanka Chopra ; Unfinished

Actress Priyanka Chopra published her first book ” Unfinished a Memoir”

“Unfinished a memoir” Book by Priyanka , @instagram

Actor – producer Priyanka Chopra Jonas officially turned author with the release of her first book. ” Unfinished a Memoir “

The book was released by Penguin Random House on 9 February 2021.

The book covers important moments of Chopra’s life with dual continent ;

  • 20 year long career as an actor and producer
  • Her work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

In unfinished , she described a collection of her personal essays, stories, observations and experiences about life.

According to audience rating , it scores 4.7 stars.

This book “unfinished” also reveals Priyanka’s hard work, how hard she works for this book to remind herself of all little things when she came so far in life.

This book is written beautifully.

This book also makes you to think about your won childhood.

Here is some revelations Priyanka Chopra made in her memoir :

  • Her plastic Chopra tag and botched nose surgery
  • Priyanka on being outsider in the industry
  • Priyanka on being asked to strip to her skin for a song
  • When Priyanka hide her boyfriend in a closet
  • When Vijay taught Priyanka humanity
  • On feeling demotivated, depressed and how her family came to the rescue
@ Instagram , Priyanka Chopra

Some important points of Priyanka’s life :

  • Chopra is one of the highest paid and most popular entertainers.
  • she own National film award and five Film fare awards.
  • In 2016 , Government of India honoured with her Padma Shri.
  • she is currently shooting for Keanu Reeves – Starter ” The Matrix 4 ” .

I m product of traditional India and it’s ancient wisdom and modern India and urban bustle, said Priyanka chopra.

She added, My upbringing was always an amalgamation of the two Indians, and just a match of East and west.

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