Twitter ban

Twitter banned

Twitter banned : Russia threatens to ban Twitter next month

Twitter ban
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Russia on March 17, 2021threatens to all together block the social networking site, Twitter next month unless the company complies the demands to remove certain contents.

The Russian authorities have cited instances , Twitter banned for promoting these contents :

  • Child pornography
  • Drug use
  • Tweets encouraging child to attempt suicide
  • Russia also claimed Twitter did not respond immediately to an email request for comment

Russian action :

  • Russia had last week slowed down the functioning of the networking site across the nation.
  • Increases the time required for users to view pictures and videos.

Twitter response :

  • In response to the same, Twitter had said that it does not allow the use of its platform to promote any unlawful behavior or illegal activities.
  • Also reveals that this site is deeply concerned about increased attempts to block and throttle online public conversation.

On Tuesday, Deputy chief of Roskomnadzor Vadium Subbotin argued that Twitter still was not complying with the demands of the Russian authorities.

Twitter ban
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