The Living Mountain

The Living Mountain

The Living Mountain : A Fable for our times.. By Amitav Ghosh to be released in January 2022

The Living Mountain
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‘ The Living Mountain : A Fable for times ‘ is a new upcoming book by Jananpith winner and internationally renowned author Amitabh Ghosh.

Harper Collins publishers India will publish the book as a special standalone edition in January 2022 under it’s prestigious Fourth Estimate Imprint.

The book will also be published simultaneously in Hindi and as an eBook and an audiobook.

About the book :

  • The Living Mountain is a beautifully told story within the structure of a fable.
  • It is a tale about Mahaparbat, The Living Mountain ; the indigenous valley dwellers who live and prosper in it’s shelter ; the assault on the mountain for commercial benefit by the Anthropoi, humans whose sole aim is to reap the benefits of nature ; and the disaster that unfolds as a result.

Living Mountain is a book of our times, for our times ; it will resonate strongly with readers of all ages.

The Living Mountain
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