Space hurricane

Space hurricane

Space hurricane for the first time discovered by scientists

Space hurricane
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Recently, scientists have discovered a “Space hurricane” for the first time .

  • The swirl mass of plasma that rains electron in to the ionosphere instead of water is called “Space hurricane”.
  • The hurricane results in to the stunning effect that is huge, cyclone – shaped glowing green aurora can be observed below it.

The hurricanes swirled for the eight hours over the North Pole in the upper atmosphere of Earth.

For the first time, astronomers have detected a powerful, 600 -mile-wide ( 1,000 kilometers ) hurricane of plasma.

These hurricanes are usually occurred in the lower atmosphere of the Earth.

It was never observed on the upper atmosphere.

Any planet with plasma and a magnetic field could be victim to these ‘violent’ space storms, researchers said.

The astronomers have spotted hurricanes in space on Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

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