Single Crystal Blade

Single Crystal Blade

Single Crystal Blade for helicopter engines developed by DRDO

Single Crystal Blade
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Single crystal blade technology for helicopters engines has been developed by Defense Research Development Organization.

  • It has 60 number of blades and the remaining 4 will be developed in due course.
  • DRDO will be developing 5 sets ( 300 blades ) of crystal blades.
  • They are used in helicopters for strategic and defense applications.
  • The DRDO has developed crystal blades technology and supplied 60 of these blades to HAL as a part of indigenous helicopter development program for helicopter engine application.
  • Single Crystal Blades are manufactured out of Nickel based super alloys capable of withstanding high temperatures.
  • This is the type of programme taken up by the Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory ( DMRL ).
  • A special ceramic composition had to be developed to make strong ceramic moulds.

Important takeaways of DRDO :

Single Crystal Blade
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  • Formation : 1958
  • Headquarters : New Delhi
  • Chairman : Dr. G Satheesh Reddy
Single Crystal Blade
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