Shahtoot Dam

Shahtoot Dam

Shahtoot Dam in Kabul ; Afghanistan

Shahtoot Dam
Shahtoot Dam

The Shahtoot dam is to be constructed in Kabul river basin, one of the five river basins of Afghanistan.

The cost of this project has been estimated as 305 million USD.

To built this dam an agreement is signed between India and Afghanistan.

Shahtoot dam is the second major dam which will be built by India in Afghanistan.

India has also built the friendship dam or salma dam which was inaugurated on June 16.

This Shahtoot dam will have a storage capacity of 147 million cubic metres of water.

Shahtoot Dam
Shahtoot Dam

It will provide drinking water around two million residents of kabul.

It will also help to irrigate around 400 hectares of agricultural land Chahr Asiab and Khairabad districts in Kabul province.

Pm of India, Narendra Modi promised Ghani of India’s full support in the development choices of Afghanistan.

Along with the Shahtoot dam, India has pledge to rebuild Afghanistan committing to 80 million USD worth projects.

Around 150 projects has been announced by India in the conflict ridden country.

At virtual summit Ghani said :

“With Shahtoot reservoir, we will be able to implement our vision of restoring natural beauty that captivated the the imagination of Babur”.

I thank prime minister Modi for offering this gift of water, in addition to the gift of vaccines”.

At the 2020 Afghanistan conference, Jaishankar said:

“India will constructing the dam as port of its initiative to launch more than 100 development projects worth and 80 million in Afghanistan”.

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Shahtoot Dam
Map of Afghanistan
  • Capital : Kabul
  • President : Ashraf Ghani
  • Currency : Afghani
  • 1st vice president : Amrullah Saleh
  • 2nd vice president : Sarwar Danish

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