Oxford economics

Oxford economics

Oxford economics revised India’s economic growth production, calendar year 2021

Oxford economics
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The global forecasting firm Oxford economics has revised India’s economic growth projection for the calendar year 2021 to 10.2 %.

The previous estimate is 8.8 %.

The reason for upward revision is to receding covid -19 risks .

Also to shift in the monetory policy outlook.

The economic servey has projected an 11% growth for 2021- 22 aided by a v – shaped recovery and 7.7 % contraction for the current year.

It also projected a lower 6.8 % growth in 2022-23.

Oxford economics noted that if inflation risks materialise, the RBI may have to renege on its growth commitment, which is a downside risk to it’s growth forecast.

The RBI has projected a GDP growth rate of 10.5 % for the financial year beginning April 1 , on the back of recovery of economic activities.

Oxford economics:

  • Oxford economics is headquarters in Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • It is established in 1981.
  • It has 6 office locations across 5 countries.
  • It provided a global forecasts and analysis to predict and manage economic risks.
Reference : https://www.marketresearch.com/Oxford-Economics-v3791/

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