NFTs : The world’s 1st twin NFT ( Physical + digital )

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Kantharaj N, a Bangalore based watercolor artist is all set to auction ” My Life’s Work ” , 1st physically linked Non – Fungible Tokens ( NFTs ), which is assembly of 12 original award winning paintings.

He will be using RubiX, a NFT platform, to tokenise the physical paintings.

The auction will feature the world’s largest NFT sold as of 24 April 2021.

The pieces of physical art will then be shipped to the highest bidder, with ownership of all 12 tokens transferred to the new owner’s ID.

The growth of NFTs has been fuelled by the need to curb fraud and forgery in the creative world.

  • NFT meaning is a unique asset, the authenticity of which is encrypted through block chain technology, asserting it’s originally and, therefore, it’s worth.
  • They are ” One of a king ” digital tokens that can be bought and sold, but they have no tangible form of their own.
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