National Science Day

National Science Day

National science day is celebrated on 28th February, annually.

National Science Day

Theme for National science day 2021 is ” Future of STI : Impacts on Education, Skills and Work “.

It is celebrated every year to commemorate the discovery of the “Raman effect”.

  • Raman effect is a change of wavelength exhibited by some of the radiation scattered in a medium

Sir CV Raman had announced the discovery of the Raman effect for which he was awarded by :

  • Noble prize in1930
  • Respectively greatly honoured with the greatest award of Russia ” Lenin Peace ” in the year 1956
  • Also awarded with the 1st “Bharat Ratna” award in 1954

In 1986 , the National Council for Science and Technology asked government of India to designate Feb 28 as National Science Day.

In 1987, on February 28 the first National Science Day was observed country wide.

It’s our 35th National science Day.

The basic objective of observation of this day is to spread the message of importance of science and it’s application among the people.

It also underlines the importance and relevance of science in our daily life.

Purpose of National Science Day:

  • support and inspire new innovations of innovative scientists or students
  • Strengthen public awareness of role of science for peaceful and sustainable societies
  • Renew national commitment for the benefit of societies
  • Draw attention to the challenges faced by science is raising support for the scientific endeavour

Ministry of science and technology every year organise a special programme in New Delhi ( Vigyan Bhawan).

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