NASA's Odyssey

NASA’s Odyssey

NASA’s Odyssey marks 20 years of Mapping Mars and still working

NASA's Odyssey
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NASA’s Odyssey Spacecraft of Mars, launched 20 years ago on April 07, 2001 , has made it the oldest spacecraft still working on mass, such a long journey.

NASA said ; From two decades, the longest lived spacecraft at the Red planet, 2001 Mars Odyssey has helped in :

  • Locating water ice
  • Accessing landing sites
  • Studying the planets mysterious moon

Key points:

  • The NASA’s Odyssey project was developed by NASA, and contracted out to Lockheed Martin.
  • Before Odyssey, we didn’t know where this water was stored on the planet, we detected it for the first time from orbit and later confirmed it was there using the Phonix lander.
  • The orbiter finds water ice using it’s Gamma Ray Spectrometer ( GRS ) detector.
  • The most complete global map of Mars were made using Odyssey’s infrared camera, called the Thermal Emission Imaging System ( THEMIS ).
  • THEMIS has sent back more than 1 million images since it began circling Mars.
  • The image and maps it has produced highlights the presence of hazards, such as topographic features and boulders.
  • They also ensure the safety of future astronauts by showing the location of resources.
  • The orbiter, which takes it’s name from the novel “2001” : A Space Odyssey “, was send to map the composition of the Maritime Surface.
NASA's Odyssey

About mars :

  • Mars is the fourth planet to the sun and is being larger than only Mercury, also known as red planet.
  • The gravity of the planet Mars, notably, is one – third of the Blue planet and the atmosphere is just 1% dense in comparison to the earth.

Important takeaways of NASA :

  • Formation : July 29, 1958
  • Headquarters : Washington, D. C
  • Motto : ” For the benefits of all “
NASA's Odyssey
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