NASA Ingenuity helicopter

NASA Ingenuity helicopter

NASA Ingenuity helicopter survived the first cold night on its own — A major milestone

NASA Ingenuity helicopter
NASA Ingenuity helicopter ( Image credit : @Instagram )
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Ingenuity survived the first cold night on its own — A major milestone because surface temperature of planet Mars can plunge as low as – 130 degrees F ( – 90 degrees ).

  • NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, which was attached to the belly of the perserverance rover has been dropped on the surface of Mars on 4 April 2021.
  • Ingenuity was dropped from the rover’s belly after travelling almost 471 million kilometres.
  • Ingenuity is expected to make it’s first flight attempt no earlier than April 11, 2021.
  • The NASA Ingenuity helicopter is four pound ( 1.8 – kilogram ) rotorcraft cost NASA around $ 85 million to develop.
  • The American space agency aims to explore the surface of Mars with the help of an ingenuity helicopter which weight just 1.8 kgs.

Key facts of NASA Ingenuity helicopter :

  • The ingenuity Mars helicopter was built by JPL, which also manages this technology demonstration projects for NASA headquarters.
  • Ingenuity carries two cameras to document it’s flights, which was also be observed by the perseverance roller.
  • This will perform a series of ever longer flights over the Jezero Crater in the next 31 sols ( Martian days ).
  • Ingenuity will be taking high – resolution photography as it flies.
  • Ingenuity is a technology demonstration that aims to be the first powered flight on another world.
  • It could further expand our horizons and broaden the scope of what is possible with Mars exploration.
NASA Ingenuity helicopter

About Mars :

  • Mars is the fourth planet to the sun and is being larger than only Mercury, also known as red planet.
  • The gravity of the planet Mars, notably, is one – third of the Blue planet and the atmosphere is just 1% dense in comparison to the earth.

Important takeaways of NASA :

NASA Ingenuity helicopter
  • Formation : July 29, 1958
  • Headquarters : Washington, D. C
  • Motto : ” For the benefits of all “
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