Migration and mobility pact

Migration and mobility pact

Migration and mobility pact : India to take back illegal migrants from UK and employment to 3,000 youngsters

Migration and mobility pact
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Britain and India on 4 May 2021 signed an accord on migration and mobility pact.

The pact will provide enhanced employment opportunities for 3,000 young Indian professionals annually.

In a return for India agreeing to take back any of it’s citizens who are living illegally in the UK.

The migration pact comes after the two countries announced 1 billion pounds ( $ 1.39 bn ) of private sector investment.

Talks on a full trade deal are due to begin in the autumn.

Migration and mobility pact

Key highlights :

  • The pact will offer employment opportunities for 3,000 young Indian professionals, annually.
  • Both nations have pledges to achieve ambitious goals on tackling climate change.
  • This includes firming up international supply chains to ensure critical medicines, vaccines and other medical products reach those who need the most.
  • Preserving biodiversity by accelerating the development of clean energy and transport.
  • It includes commitments to expand the Uk India health partnership to enhance global health security and pandemic resilence.
  • Teens of thousands of Indians study in the UK each year, and New Delhi has complained about a lack of employment opportunities.
  • London claimed there were as many as 100,000 Indian’s living illegally in the UK, though New Delhi disputes this figure.
Migration and mobility pact
Migration and mobility pact
Reference : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/india-to-take-back-illegal-uk-migrants-in-return-for-professional-visas/articleshow/82393195.cms

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