Largest Floating Solar Farm

Largest Floating Solar Farm

Largest Floating Solar Farm in Singapore

Largest Floating Solar Farm
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In the bid to tackle climate change, Singapore is building one of the world’s largest floating solar farms.

It has resorted to setting up these energy plants off it’s coasts and on reservoir.

The country aims at increasing solar energy use four fold to around two percent of the nation’s power needs by 2025 , and to three percent by 2030 , enough for 350,000 households per year.

The solar farm is also expected to offset about 32 kilometers of carbon emissions annually, the equivalent of taking some 7,000 cars off Singapore’s road.

Important takeaways of Singapore :

  • Biggest per capita carbon dioxide emitter in Asia..
  • Capital : Singapore
  • National language : Malay
  • President : Halimah Yacob
  • Prime Minister : Lee Hsien Loong
  • Currency : Dollar
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