Kolkata International book fair

Kolkata International book fair

The 45th Kolkata international book fair is going to be held

Kolkata International book fair
45th Kolkata International book fair 2021

The 45th kolkata international book fair is going to be held on July this year 2021 .

Kolkata international book fair will take place at Netaji Indoor stadium or the central Park ground of salt Lake .

Bangladesh is the focal theme country at the 45th kolkata international book fair.

This year the focal theme country is Bangladesh to make the country’s Golden Jubilee year of Independence and the centenary of Bangladesh sheikh Majibur Rahman.

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125 th birth year of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and birth centenary in the book fair.

This fair is a mega event . In 2020 , an estimated 10 lakh people visited the international kolkata book fair.

This fair generally takes place in late January – early February every year.. But this year it will held in July 2021 , due to covid 19 pandemic and forth coming elections.

Also it would be felt that, it would be proper if collages and schools reopen before we start our fair.

The young student crowd is the backbone of this fair.

In his statement Chatterjee said ;

” we are confident of organising the book fair this year. But we can’t exactly say when due to a host of factors, including the participation of international guest ” .

” How will we regulate the entry of such a large no of book lovers. It is not a small, district book fair but a mega event, we have to keep all these aspects in mind ” .

Adhering to covid 19 protocols will be challenging as lakhs of people through the book fair every year.

” This event would be ‘ meaningless ‘ without it’s global character and cease to be part of international calendar of the book fairs in future in the absence of foreign publishers and delegates ” .

Important takeaways of Bangladesh for all competitive exams :

Kolkata International book fair
Map of Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh is the 8th most populous country in the world
  • Capital : Dhaka
  • President : Abdul Hamid
  • Prime minister : Saikh Hasina
  • Currency : Bangladeshi Taka
  • Declared : 26 March, 1971

Reference : https://kolkatabookfair.net/

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