International Labour Day 2021

International Labour Day 2021

International Labour Day 2021 ; Themes and important highlights and history

International Labour Day 2021
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International Labour Day is also known as May Day or Labour Day and is celebrated globally every year on 1st May.

  • Labour day is celebrated to recognise the hard work and achievements of the working class.
  • In India , Labour Day is referred as Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas or Kamgar din.
  • The first Labour day in India was originated in Madras ( now Chennai ) by the Labour Kisan party of Hindustan on May 1, 1993.

Every year a theme is associated with the celebration of international labour workers day. The theme of Labour Day :

  • 2015 : ” Build the Future in Solidarity, Peace and Decent work of Cameroon “
  • 2016 : ” Celebrating the international labour movement “
  • 2017 : ” Preserve our national heritage “
  • 2019 : ” Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement “
  • 2020 : ” Maintaining safety and security at the workplace “

Key highlights of International Labour Day 2021 :

International Labour Day 2021
  • Earlier, the condition of Labours was very bad. They had to work very hard for around 15 hours a day.
  • They suffered injuries at the workplace and many workers lost their lives.
  • Despite their hard work, they used to get very low wages.
  • They formed protests and fought for their rights after which 8 hours of work was fixed for labourers. Hence, Labour day is orginated from this moment.
  • The first of May is a national, public holiday in many countries across the world, in most cases as ” International Workers Day ” or a similar name.
International Labour Day 2021
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