India's first wetland conservation

India’s first wetland conservation

India got it’s first Centre for wetland conservation and management site in Chennai : India’s first wetland conservation

India's first wetland conservation
Wetland conservation

on the occasion of wetland day, Minister of state for environment, forest and climate change, Babul supriyo announced the establishment of a centre for wetland conservation and Management ( CWCM ) as the part of national centre for sustainable coastal Management ( NCSCM ) , chennai which is an institution ministery.

India’s first wetland conservation mission enhances the conversation and wise use Of wetlands through national actions, and international Cooperation as a contribution.

The Ramsar convention on wetland conservation

The Ramsar convention is based on three pillars ;

  • Wise use ( sustainable ) use of all wetlands
  • Designation of priority wetlands as wetlands of International importance ( Ramsar sites )
  • International co- operation fir shared wetland s and there resources, including transboundary sites

India has title of 42 sites designated as wetlands of international importance of Ramser sites.

wetland day:

The world wetland day is observed every year on February 2 globally.

The international theme for world wetlands day 2021 is ‘ wetlands and water ‘ .

The day is celebrated to mark the date of adoption of the convention on wetlands on February 2 , 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar.

The centre is expected to help in building partnership and networks with relevant national and international agencies.

India's first wetland conservation
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