India's first geothermal project

India’s first geothermal project

India’s first geothermal power project : Eastern Ladakh

India's first geothermal project
Geothermal project

India’s got it’s first geothermal power project at Puga Village of eastern Ladakh.

Puga has been identified as the hotspot of geothermal energy in the country by the scientist.

Discovered in the 1970s , Puga and Chumathang in eastern Ladakh happen to be the most promising geothermal fields in India, by geological survey of India.

The ministry of new and renewable energy has provided a letter of support to OEC video letter dated April 9 2020 , for the Ladakh geothermal project.

India has 7 geothermal provinces and a number of geothermal springs.

The signing of MoU with ONGC for the first geothermal project in India is a promising initiative towards innovative and sustainable development of Ladakh.

This MoU signing is also a step towards achieving the goal of carbon – neutral Ladakh, ” The lieutenant governor said.

  • Mou : Memorandum of Understanding
India's first geothermal project
Lieutenant governor ; Radha Krishna Mathur

According to ONGC planning this field development will take place in 3 phase :-

In the first phase of the pilot project, one megawatt ( MW ) power generation capacity will be generated.

In the second phase, deep drilling will be done to explore the potential of the thermal reservoir.

Phase three shall be a commercial project as per discovered capacity.

Namgyal thanked Mathur for helping Ladakh enter a new era of development and emphasised on advocating the ‘ Vocal for Local ‘ concept for making Ladakh a self – sustainable region.

World wide energy consumption is currently around 1terawatts which is far from the title potential energy available from geothermal resources.

It is currently estimated that geothermal power plants could provide between 0.0035 and 2 terawatts of power.

“Geothermal resource development can revolutionise farming in Ladakh which is now totally dependent for supply of fresh vegetables, fruits from outside the UT round the year, further direct heat energy applications make it most relevant to Ladakh, ” The statement said.

India's first geothermal project
India’s first geothermal project

Important takeaway of Ladakh for competitive exams:-

  • Union territory : 31 October 2019
  • Number of districts : 2
  • Capital : Leh
  • Lieutenant governor : Radha Krishna Mathur
  • Festival : Losar festival
  • Park : Hemis national park

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