Indian tik tok

Indian tik tok

Indian tik tok : Tip Teapi , similar to tik tok

Indian tik tok

The app Tip Teapi work similar to tik tok.

Saswati Kotoky of Dergaon, Amar Jyoti Gautam of Jorhat and Himanga Madhukalya of Dibrugarh three computer engineers from Assam launched a video playing and sharing app called Tip Teapi.

They hope would be India’s answer to the banned Chinese tik tok.

They all are MCA PG degree holders from JEC.

It can be downloaded from google play store and will be available for users in India and few other countries.

Tip Teapi is a free app.

According to reports the app was developed in six months and they have plans to release the app outside India later on.

The app has 12 categories and people can upload their videos that people can view.

Tip Teapi allows users to make friends , follow, like, comment and share videos through social media.

This app is safe and secure having privacy protection unlike Chinese apps.

This app was the result of good utilization of the covid induced lockdown.

It was launched on Saturday at Johrat press Club.

Dhimam Bhattacharjee, technical officer of advanced computation and data service is chief guest at the club.

Kotoky, who is incharge of sales and marketing said :

“If any such incidents occured and a complaint was received from any user or viewer, they would look in to it and block the video if required”.

“The idea was conceived during lockdown to fill the vaccum by developing such an alternative to the Chinese app tik tok”.

Gautam, who is chief product engineer said :

” The pandemic paralysed normal life and economic activities “

“We thought to do something on our on during the lockdown in a good way rather being frustrated thinking about future and jobs”.

Indian tik tok
Indian tik tok

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