Indian Ocean Defense conclave

Indian Ocean Defense conclave

India will host the Indian Ocean region – IRO Defense minister conclave on February 4 , 2021

Indian Indian Ocean Defense conclave
ocean Defense conclave

Indian Ocean defense conclave will take place on the sidelines of Aero India 2021.

This conclave is an initiative to promote dialogue in an institutional, economic and cooperative environment that can foster the development of peace, stability and prosperity in Indian Ocean region.

The broad theme of this conclave is ” Enhanced peace, security and cooperation in Indian Ocean” .

Conclave aims ;

  • Defense industry cooperation among the participating countries.
  • Maritime surveillance and cooperation
  • Marine pollution response
  • Development of technologies
  • Capabilities of harnessing marine resources
  • Increasing maritime domain awareness
  • Sharing Indian ports with friendly nation
  • Sharing resources available in Indian defense shipyards for design and ship building

During this conclave, the minister said in the statement ;

Navigation through the pandemic year of 2020, India is taking lead in organizing an international platform for the world Aero space and Defense leaders to exchange ideas and forge partnership towards synergizing efforts in this sector.

India wanted to be ” A reliable partner for friendly countries ” .

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