Indian Boxing federation president

Indian boxing federation president

Ajay Singh has been re-elected as Indian boxing federation president

Indian boxing federation president
Ajay Singh

Ajay singh has been re- elected as president of Boxing Federation of India ( BFI ) after defeating former Maharashtra sports minister Aashis Shelar in the polls.

Shelar is a BJP MLA from Maharashtra and was a former president of the Mumbai cricket Association.

He will have secretory general by his side in Assam’s Hemanta kumar kalita.

In his press conference after being elected; he said :-

“His priority would be to focus on development of women’s boxing and ensure the presence of more women in the support staff as well”.

“It is great credit to all of us that this election was conducted so peacefully. We are one family”.

“We will work towards glory of our sport. Let there be no head burn “.

“I don’t want to comment on margin, I m happy that the BFI reposed faith in me. I hope to live expectations and take boxing forward “.

“We will try to greater participation of women in both administration and support staff”.

He said that, he feel proud to say that, since the inception of BFI, four years down the line, India has not only achieved recognition internationally as a federation but Indian players too are followed the world over. The sports has taken leaps across the country too as the game gets promote far and wide which gives me immense satisfaction.

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