H5N8 Virus

H5N8 Virus

H5N8 Virus : First human cases in Russia reported

 H5N8 Virus

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The world’s first case of bird flu virus strain -H5N8 has been reported by Russia that has infected humans through birds.

The case has already been reported to WHO.

Seven workers at Russia’s poultry farm were infected with the virus after the flu outbreak in birds in December 2020.

WHO reported there was no evidence of human to human transmission.

People infected with the H5N8 virus ” Were asymptomatic and no onward human to human transmission reported ”

It means that the influenza virus jumped from infected birds to people but it did not continue to spread from human to human.

  • H5N8 virus : This virus is a subtype of Influence A virus that results in flu like symptoms in wild birds and poultry and is fatal for them.
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Reference : https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/explained-what-is-h5n8-strain-of-bird-flu-virus-1st-to-infect-humans-in-russia-101613885803710.html

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