Global Immunization Strategy

Global Immunization Strategy

Global Immunization Strategy aims to save 50 million lives

Global Immunization Strategy
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The UN – led global immunization strategy was unveiled on 26 April 2021 to reach more than 50 million children who have missed life against measles and other diseases because of Covid – 19 disruption.

The new global strategy has the potential to save 50 million lives by 2030.

  • A WHO survey showed more than one third of countries were still seeing disruptions to their routine immunization services.
Global Immunization Strategy

Key highlights :

  • The pandemic has made a bad situation worse, causing millions more children to go immunized.
  • To support the recovery from Covid – 19 and to fight future pandemics, we should focus on reaching children who do not receive any routine vaccines.
  • The immunization agenda 2030 focuses on vaccination throughout life, from infancy through to adolescence and older ages.
  • If fully implemented, it will avert estimated 50 million deaths.
  • Millions of children across the world are likely to miss out on basic vaccines as the current pandemic threatens to unravel two decades of progress in routine immunization.
Global Immunization Strategy
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