Food Waste Index

Food Waste Index Report 2021

UNEP, recently published “Food Waste Index Report 2021”

Food Waste Index
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The United Nation Environment Programme ( UNEP ) published the “Food Waste Index Report 2021”.

As per the UNEP report, estimated 931 million tonnes of food were wasted across the world 2019.

The Food Waste Index Report aims at supporting the goals of SDG 12.3 .

The agency also highlighted that this amount of wasted food can circle the earth 7 times.

The index report was published by the UNEP in collaboration with the parteners organization WRAP.

Out of total waste generation:

  • Households accounts sixty one percent (61%) of waste
  • Food services accounts for twenty six percent (26%) of waste
  • While the retail accounts for thirteen percent (13%) of waste

It was prepared by using data from 54 countries and then extrapolated to the remaining countries.

Estimates suggest that 8-10 % of global greenhouse gas emission are associated with food that is not consumed.

Food waste also has a sustainable environment, social & economic impact.

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  • Formation : 5 June,1972
  • Headquarters : Nairobi (Kenya)
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