Food adulteration

Food adulteration act

Madhya Pradesh approved a law to give life imprisonment to food adulteration

Food adulteration
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Madhya Pradesh cabinet has approved penal law ( Madhya Pradesh Amendment) Bill, 2021 to give life imprisonment to food adulteration.

  • Penal law : it is a law prescribing a penalty as a fine or imprisonment for one who violates it.

It is net worthy, in December 2019 , an awareness rally was held in Bhopal to fight the menace of adulteration.

The rally saw the participation of the people of all age group.

The enthusiastic volunteers were heard raising slogans against adulteration and demanded pure food products.

Important takeaways of Madhya Pradesh for all competitive exams :

  • Statehood : 26 January, 1950
  • Capital : Bhopal
  • Number of districts : 52
  • Governor : Anandiben Patel
  • Chief Minister : Shivraj Singh Chauhan
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