First food park in India

First food park in India

First food park in India : Indian and Italian project

First food park in India
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Italy recently on 17 April, launched the first food park in India involving food processing facilities.

  • The pilot project named ” The Mega Food Park ” was launched virtually.
  • The launch was attended by Italy’s Ambassador Vincenzo de Luca and India’s Ambassador Neena Malhotra.

Aims of First food park in India :

  • The main aim of the project is to develop an interaction between agriculture and industry.
  • Establish direct linkage from farms to processing and consumer markets.
  • The mega food also aimed at building synergy between the agriculture and and industries of two nations with the focus on research and development of new and more efficient technologies.
  • It aimed to provide a turnover of Rs. 400 to 500 crore and employment generation of at least 30,000 from each food park.
  • Each mega food park aims to connect at least 25,000 farmers.

Key highlights of First food park in India :

  • The mega food park scheme, implemented by the Ministry of food processing.
  • Under the scheme the government of India provides Rs. 50 crores to each food park.
  • This is also the first Italian Indian food park project, an initiative in the food processing field, which serves as piller of partenership between India and Italy.
  • Through this project, Italy is looking for explore the opportunities available in the Indian market.
  • According to Luca, SMEs and Italian technology in collaboration with Indian food parks open a new chapter in the economic partnership between Italy and India.
First food park in India

Important takeaways of Italy :

  • Capital : Rome
  • Prime Minister : Mario Draghi
  • Currency : Italian Iira
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