Facebook, first chief compliance officer

Facebook, first chief compliance officer
Henry Moniz

Facebook appoints Henry Moniz as it’s first ever chief compliance officer.

Mr. Moniz will join Facebook on February 8 to led the companies global compliance team and risk management and promote the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct at the company.

Prior to this, Henry had been the chief compliance officer and chief audit executive at media company viacom CBS Inc.

” The current regulatory environment demands strong compliance leadership, and Henry will play a great role in driving our ongoing commitments to continually strengthen our global compliance and risk management functions ” Mr. Newstead said in a statement.

Chief compliance officer working:

  • The CCO should monitor compliance, they measure and evaluate the level of compliance across the entire organization.
  • The CCO should also investigate any incident or violations for legal and regulatory requirements.

Important takeaways of Facebook for competitive exams ;;

  • Founded on : 2004 February
  • Headquarters : Menlo park, California ( United State )
  • Founder & CEO : Mark Zuckerberg
  • Facebook’s general : Mr. Newstead

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