Elasticopter : IIT – Hyderabad unveils “Shape Shifting Drone”

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A team of researchers from the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad ( IIT – H ) has developed an innovative unmanned aerial vehicle ( UAV ).

UAV has adjusted arms that helps it to pick packets of different sizes and shapes.

Named “Elasticopter”, the drone vehicle has been developed by 24 year old Suraj Bonagiri from the Robotics Research Centre ( RRC ), IIT – H.

Key points of drone :

  • Unlike other rigid drones, the patent pending design which has been named ‘Elasticopter’ is dynamic one.
  • Current design of this drone focuses only on the weight of parcels to be lifted ignoring the size.
  • The drone designed in this way, there is zero prop wash interference with the payload no matter it’s size.
  • This drone ranks high on the stability front due to the unique positioning of the propellers.
  • With this method of attachment to cargo, the mass is always centered and results in optimal battery performance.
  • Under the guidance of professors Spandan Roy and Madhava Krishna, Suraj set out to validate the superiority of his design.
Reference : https://blogs.iiit.ac.in/elasticopter/

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