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Dal lake

Dal lake in Jammu & Kashmir to be declared as protected wetlands

Dal lake
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Dal lake in Srinagar along with five other famous lakes in Jammu and Kashmir would be declared as protected wetlands on Wednesday.

The other lakes which are to be protected wetlands include ; Purmandal lake , also called ” Chotta Kashi ” located in the Samba district.

The decision was taken in the maiden meeting of the J & K Wetland Authority chaired by Chief Secretary BVR Subramanyam.

The meeting was held to chalk out a strategy for the conservation and management of wetlands.

  • The Union Territory has a total of 3,754 water bodies which are being regulated by different departments.
  • This UT has 3651 big and small wetlands spread across 22 districts and four wetlands are identified as Ramsar wetlands.

Wetland :

  • Wetlands are areas where water is the primary factor controlling the environment and the associated plant and animal life.
  • They occur where the water table is at or near the surface of the land or where land is covered with water.

Importance of wetlands :

  • Wetlands are highly productive ecosystems that provide the world with nearly two thirds of it’s fish harvest.
  • Wetlands microbes, plants, and wildlife are part of global cycles of water, nitrogen and sulphur.
  • Wetlands store carbon within their plant communities and soil.
  • Wetland vegetation also slow the speed of the flood waters lowering flood heights and reduces soil erosion.
  • Wetlands are vital source for food, raw materials, genetic resources for medicines and hydropower.
Dal lake
Reference : https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/dal-lake-among-several-others-in-jk-to-be-declared-protected-wetlands/article34211738.ece

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