Current affairs quiz 2021

Current affairs quiz 2021

Current affairs quiz 2021 questions and answers of 04 May by experts to increase general awareness section for all competitive exams especially UPSE, State PCS, CDS, SSC, Banking exams, RRB, NTPC etc!

Current affairs quiz 2021
Current affairs quiz 2021
Current affairs quiz 2021 :

1) Indian Army has inaugurated it’s first First Green Solar Energy harnessing plant in which of the following?

  • A) Himachal pradesh
  • B) Sikkim
  • C)Arunachal pradesh
  • D) Assam

B. Sikkim

2) Who among the following won the Portuguese grand Prix 2021 held in Portimao, Portugal?

  • A) Fernando Alonso
  • B) Lewis Hamilton
  • C) charles Leclerc
  • D) Nicholas Latifi

B. Lewis Hamilton

3) Olympia Dukakis, the Oscar winning actress who died at age of 89 years was from which country?

  • A) Canada
  • B) Mexico
  • C) United States
  • D) Suriname

C. United states

3) Pandit Devabrata Chaudhuri, who passed away due to Covid-19 Complications was associated with which musical instruments?

  • A) sitar
  • B) Flute
  • C) Violence
  • D) Guitar

A. Sitar

5) R Balakrishna pillai, who passed away at the age of 87 years was the former minister of which state?

  • A) Kerala
  • B) Odisha
  • C) Tamil Nadu
  • D) Telangana

A) Kerala

6) Who among the following has been appointed as the Deputy governor of the Reserve bank ( RBI )?

  • A) T Rabi Sankar
  • B) Anand Sinha
  • C) Rakesh Mohan
  • D) Vapa Kamesam

A. T Rabi Sankar

Current affairs quiz 2021

7) Government of which state has declared working journalists as Frontline Covid Warriors ?

  • A) Uttar Pradesh
  • B) Tamil Nadu
  • C) Kerala
  • D) Bihar

D. Bihar

8) Indian Navy has deployed how many ships to bring oxygen and medical equipment from various countries?

  • A) Three
  • B) Eleven
  • C) Seven
  • D) Nine

C. Seven

Current affairs quiz 2021
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