Current affairs quiz 2021

Current affairs quiz 2021

Current affairs quiz 2021 questions and answers of 05 May by experts to increase general awareness section for all competitive exams especially UPSE, State PCS, CDS, SSC, Banking exams, RRB, NTPC etc!

Current affairs quiz 2021
Current affairs quiz 2021
Current affairs quiz 2021:

1) Who has been appointed as the Acting Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission ( NHRC )?

  • A) Prafulla Chandra Pant
  • B) Ranganath Misra
  • C) J. S Verma
  • D) Jyotika Kairana

A. Prafulla Chandra Pant

2) Which country declared the end of an Ebola outbreak, recently?

  • A) Cameroon
  • B) Democratic Republic of Congo
  • C) Equatorial Guinea
  • D) Gabon

B. Democratic Republic of Congo

3) Which country has recently awarded the ‘ Order of Rising Sun ‘ to a Bengaluru based teacher, Shyamala Ganesh?

  • A) Canada
  • B) United Arab Emirates
  • C) United Kingdom
  • D) Japan

D. Japan

4) Who became the world champion for the fourth time, in Snooker?

  • A) Mark Selby
  • B) Steve Davis
  • C) Peter Ebdon
  • D) Kyren Wilson

A. Mark Selby

5) Thirsara Perera, who announced retirement from international cricket played for which of the following country?

  • A) Afghanistan
  • B) Sri Lanka
  • C) Bangladesh
  • D) Pakistan

B. Sri Lanka

Current affairs quiz 2021

6) Jayanta Talukdar, who is in news is associated with which sports?

  • A) Wrestling
  • B) Boxing
  • C) Tennis
  • D) Archery

D. Archery

7) Who launched an online portal for the production Linked Incentive Scheme for Food Processing Industry?

  • A) Narendra Singh Tomar
  • B) Ravi Shankar Prashad
  • C) Arjun Munda
  • D) Gurraj Singh

A. Narendra Singh Tomar

8) Tripura Sharan has been appointed as new Chief Secretary of which state?

  • A) Rajasthan
  • B) Haryana
  • C) Bihar
  • D) Jharkhand

C. Bihar

Current affairs quiz 2021
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