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Kaja kallas, become first female prime minister


Kaja kallas, the leader of the reform party will become first female prime minister of Estonia.

The Reform party, led by Kallas, won the 2019 parliamentary election in Estonia with 34 MP’s in the country’s 101 – seat parliament Riikogu.

Important takeaways for exams

  • Prime minister of Estonia : kaja kallas trending
  • Capital of Estonia : Talking
  • President of Estonia : Kersti kalijulaiaid

India janpan 5th joint meeting

current affais today

India and Japan held the fifth joint meeting of the India -Japan act East forum in New Delhi.

The act East forum reviewed progress of ongoing projects in the North Eastern Region of India in various areas including connectivity, hydropower, sustainable development , harnessing of water resources, and skill development.

They discussed several ongoing new projects under India Japan bilateral cooperation and also exchanged views on coorporation in new areas such as health care, agro – industries and SMEs, bamboo value chain development small city, tourism and people to people exchanges.

Important takeaways of Japan for exams

  • Part of Pacific ring of fire
  • Capitol: Tokyo
  • Emperor: Naruhito
  • Prime minister: Shinzo Abe

Ami Bera, chairman of foreign affairs Committee

current affairs today

In the us, veteran Indian – American congressman Ami Bera has been re – elected as chairman of the house foreign affairs Committee on Asia, Pacific, central Asia and non proliferation.

He is honoured to be elected again to chairman of the house foreign subcommittee.

Bera is the longest – serving Indian American currently in Congress.

Important takeaways of us for exam

  • President : joy Biden
  • Currency : American dollar
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