Chief editor of Reuter

Chief editor of Reuter

Chief editor of Reuter : Alessandra Galloni becomes woman Editor in chief of Reuters in 170 years

Chief editor of Reuter
Chief editor of Reuter ( Image credit : @Twitter )
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Reuters named Alessandra Galloni as it’s next editor in chief.

She will be the first woman to lead the Reuters newsroom in it’s 170 year history.

She will assume office on April 19, 2021.

Galloni is a veteran of the wall street Journal and joined Reuters in 2013 in it’s Southern Europe bureau.

She will replace Stephen Adler to oversee 2,500 journalists in 200 locations globally.

A part of the larger Thomson Reuters Corporation, it competes with other news services like the Associated press and Bloomberg News.

Galloni has served as the global managing editor at Reuters since 2015. She joined the company two years before that.

She also has 13 years of experience working at the Wall Street Journal.

Chief editor of Reuter
Chief editor of Reuter
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