Chandler Good Government Index

Chandler Good Government Index

Chandler Good Government Index 2021 : India ranks 49th in CGGI and Finland topped

Chandler Good Government Index
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India has been ranked 49th in the Chandler Good Government Index ( CGGI ) 2021.

Finland has topped the CGGI list, in which each country is measured across over 50 open data points.

Performance of South Asian countries :

  • Sri Lanka ranked 74th
  • Pakistan ranked 90th
  • Nepal ranked 92nd

The index classifies 104 countries in terms of government capabilities and outcomes.

Key highlights :

  • Seven of the top countries are in Europe, but there are four continents represented in top 10, with Singapore first in Asia, New Zealand leading Oceania and Canada foremost in the Americas.
  • All the top ten countries are high income, as defined by the world Bank.
  • The Chandler Good Government Index shows the importance of measuring and investing in governance capabilities that matter.
  • It highlights a key need for ‘ Pracademics ‘ in government — people who combine a rigorous understanding.
  • The Chandler Good Government is an international non – profit organization, headquartered in Singapore.

The index focuses on seven pillars :

  • Leadership and foresight
  • Robust laws and policies
  • Strong institutions
  • Financial stewardship
  • Attractive marketplace
  • Global influence and reputation
  • Helping people rise
Chandler Good Government Index

Objective :

  • It supports government leaders and public officers worldwide in nation building and strengthening public institutional capacity.
  • It also shares tools and frameworks for effective policymaking, and empowers nation to provide better public services.
Chandler Good Government Index
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