Astra mark 2

Astra mark 2 missile

India will start the trials of air to air Astra mark 2 missile this year

Astra mark 2

India will start the testing of the Astra mark 2 missile beyond visual range air to air missile in 2021.

Astra mark 2 missile will be fully developed by 2022.

The missile’s trials are set to begin from September this year.

Astra mark 2 missile is capable to take down enemy aircraft from a range of 160 kms.

The missile will be powered by Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet ( SFDR ), which will enhance the performance and increase the strike range.

Astra mark 2 missile would give India an edge over it’s adversaries – Pakistan and China.

Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is likely to conduct its development trial this week.

DRDO has decided to evacuate people residing within 2 km radius of the ITR as a safety measure.

The DRDO has developed as indigenous seeker to improve the performance of the missile and replace the Russian ratio frequency seeker used in the Astra mark 1.

On the safe release of the missile from the ground launcher and its propulsion and navigation are validated, it would be test fired from a fighter aircraft.

The all weather day and night capable Astra has defined high strike range.

The retired officer has been associated with the Astra missile program for long time now.

The next generation missile is expected to be operational by the next year end, former central air commander Marshal SBP Sinha (Retd) said.

The missile has also helped India join the ranks of the US, Russia, France and Israel in developing such complex BVRAAMS capable of detecting, tracking and destroying highly hostile supersonic fighters packed with Counter – measures at long ranges, sources said.

Astra mark 2
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Points of Astra:

  • The Astra mark is beyond visual range air to air missile – BVRAAM, which flies over 4 times the sound, speed at mach 4.5.
  • The efforts are now being made to integrate the over 100 km strike range missile on the indigenous LCA Tejas,

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