Assam ; A part of India

Assam state ; Indian beauty lies in the valley of Assam

Assam is situated at the eastern Himalayas along the Brahmaputra and Barak river Valley in the northeastern India.

Map showing Assam
  • Capital of Assam : Dispur
  • Statehood : 26 January 1950
  • Largest city : Guwahati
  • Governor of Assam : Jagdish Mukh
  • Chief minister of Assam : Sarbananda Sonowal ( BJP )
  • Area rank : 16th
  • Population rank : 15th
  • Sex ratio : 958/1000
  • Members of Legislative Assembly : 126
  • Rajya sabha seats : 7
  • Lok sabha seats : 14

General facts about Assam:


Assam is the first state in country where crude oil was struck in 1889 at Digboi.

Assam capital Dispur is famous for Guwahati Tea Auction Centre ( GTAC ) .

(GTAC) was established in 1970 and is one of the busiest tea trading center of world.

Assam contributes 15.6% of world’s tea production and 55% of India’s production.

Kamakhya temple is located on Nilachal hill of Guwahati, Assam.

It is an ancient and very famous hindu temple of goddess Kamakhya ( one of the incarnation of goddess Durga).

Jhum farming is widely practiced occupation of almost all the peasants of Assam.

This state is also known for one of its kind Assamese golden silk called Muga, which is widely produced in Assam.

Assamese is the official and most commonly spoken language of the state.

Assam receives more rainfall than most parts of India.

Important Festivals of Assam :

  • Bihu festival : Bihu is the most important festival of Assam. Three Bihus are celebrated in a year. Bohag Bihu, Katti Bihu, magh Bihu.
  • Me-Dum-Me-phi festival
  • Ambubachi festival
  • Baishagu festival : This festival is commonly celebrated by the tribe of ‘ Bro Kacharis ‘ of Assam
  • Dehing Patkai festival

Important dances of Assam :

  • Bihu dance
  • Bagurumba dance
  • The Bhortal dance
  • The Satriya dance
  • Naga dance
  • The Ojapali dance

Important National parks and wild life sanctuaries of Assam:

  • Kaziranga National Park
  • Dibru National Park
  • Dehing Patkai wildlife Sanctuary
  • Majuli
  • Laokhowa wildlife Sanctuary

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