Arrow-4 missile

Arrow-4 missile

Israel is developing a new ballistic missile shield “Arrow-4 missile “

Arrow-4 missile
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Israel has announced that it is developing a new ballistic missile named “Arrow-4 missile ” in collaboration with the United States.

This missile is being developed as another layer in the defensive system.

The Arrow-2 and Arrow-3 interceptors of Israel are already operational under the multi layered system.

This system can destroy the incoming missiles in the atmosphere and in space.

Arrow-4 missile system is expected to counter threats both inside and beyond the atmosphere, making it endo atmospheric and exo atmospheric.

This system will be designed to prepare Israel for the future battle field and ever evolving threats in the middle East and around the world, said Gantz.

The MLM division is the principal contractor for the Arrow weapon system and is a design, development and system engineering organization aq to IAI.

  • CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries : Boaz Levy

Important takeaways of Israel for all competitive exams :

  • Capital : Jerusalem
  • President : Reuven Rivlin
  • Prime minister : Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Defence minister : Benny
  • Currency : New shekel
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