World Petrocoal Congress

11th World Petrocoal Congress and World Future Fuel Summit

The joint conference of 11th World Petrocoal Congress and World Future Fuel Summit was organised in New Delhi on February.

World Petrocoal Congress
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It was organised by Energy and Environment Foundation.

” Petroleum – Coal – Gas : Towards a win – win strategy for producer and consumer ” Theme of 11th joint international Conference of World Petrocoal Congress.

The conference shall focus on ensuring clean, reliable and affordable energy supply now and in the future.

It will celebrate upon the challenges and opportunities faced by the petroleum, coal and natural gas sectors.

60 billion US dollar is underway for developing gas infrastructure, which includes

  • pipelines
  • City gas distribution
  • LNG Regasification Terminal

Important points of Mr. Pradhan addressing :

  • Highlighting the increase in LPG coverage from 56% to nearly 99.5% in less than seven years.
  • He also mentioned to reduce vehicular pollution, the country leapfrogged from BS-4 to BS-6 emission standard from April 2020.
  • The minister also lauded the provision of setting up Hydrogen Union mission.
  • He informed that the mission will help to generate hydrogen from green power resources.
  • He said that solar capacity of country increased by 13 times in last year.

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